Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Work out day one

If you knew me personally you would laugh your ass off at me.

Not because I went to the gym but at what I look like while there.

Lets paint the picture for you, I'm 5'9" over weight at 198lbs.
No tan, grown out light pink hair, plugs and covered with tattoos and piercings.

thats not even the funny part. I'm pale to begin with, but when I work out I look like I'm going to pass out every 5 minutes.

I live in the wonderful place of North Dakota where people are caring and considerate, maybe a little too musch so...

I was asked by 7 different people if I was okay and if I should be working out.

Sure I just got out of the hospital a week ago, I do feel fine and had a follow up appointment today to make sure I was good. I was, other than the doctor telling me to lose weight, (as his muffin top sat on top of the desk).

Surprisingly I made a whole 20 minutes of cardio and weights! Yeah!

Day one down, they say it takes 23 days to get in a routine right??

okay, here is to actually losing some weight and getting back into my regular clothing!

Thanks for stopping by!


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