Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pink hair.

As you may have guessed I am a hairstylist.
I don't work in a salon so all I have to work on myself and my family.

That being said I also love color.

A few weeks ago I changed my hair from dark purple to lighter purple, the result was this:
it was just a simple temporary color that faded out to a nice lilac.
problem was I was over purple....

so I lightened my hair to go more natural at my husband request.
well, after I took the purple out my hair was a nice peach color.

( not the exact words I said)

So I added hot pink ends.
It actually turned out the way I wanted
(I'm mostly surprised most the time when my hair doesn't turn out, it usually does go my way, rarely, but I have messed up once or twice)

so here is my 'after'
I simply brushed on the pink on the ends and with the peach it looks intentional!

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