Sunday, June 30, 2013

Easiest Recycle

I'm not sure exactly how I have gathered so much paper clutter.
I have a hard time organizing my paper work so I devote one day a month
 to go through the huge pile of non essential paper.

When I get paper I just throw it in a pile, bills to be paid go in a 
special spot right away so I know to pay them.
All other paper that needs my attention and action go in the same place.
everything else is considered non essential.

I weed out anything that needs to be kept, such as paid bills, 
invoices and anything that needs to be shredded.

After that I have a huge stack of paper.

usually it looks like this when everything is sorted.

I decided that instead of post its I would try to recycle scrap paper like this to note paper.

Thee most simple of recycling that my mother even uses.

All you need is a paper slicer of some sort, I used my hand slicer, below.

I then decided what size I wanted, I had a couple of containers that I could use to hold them so I guessed as to what size would work. 

I more or less just did half of half the sizes, it worked out nicely.

I did 2.75" by 4.25" for the wine bottle I cut (about two years ago)
and for the silver container, (yes I know it needs to be polished) I used a 2" by something.
I dont remember.

I also just cut some pages in half at 5.5" just to have some nice size scratch paper!

From the stack I had I ended up with a huge selection of scrap paper!

the only down side is that it is mostly white paper, nothing markers wont solve I suppose!

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