Friday, June 28, 2013

2013 Planner review.

I'm a huge planner freak, I've made a few different ones in past posts.

But I wanted to tell you how in love I am with my Target planner!

Here she is:

Just a plain silver planner (It's shiny!!!)

I use a smash book rubberband to keep my place and to keep my forms on the front:
I keep my weekly eats (food diary) and my project sheets on the front.
The project sheets help me keep track of what I need to do on what cars, the money and time spent on each!

The tabs are simple,

At the beginning of the month I keep lists,

I also have a clear pocket on the monthly pages for 'stuff'

The pages are simple,

But of course color coding helps everything!

I also color code my post-its and flags,

Also I have chores and to-dos on the right and appointments on the left, 
all color coded of course!

I have also gotten into drawing, stamping and coloring my pages,
Here is this week:

I also organized all of my supplies for my planner and smashing products!
I used the three drawer system and cut up cardboard boxes to organize the drawers.

The top drawer;

keeps my washi tape, post its, note pads, paint chips and tabs in it.
Scrapbook paper scraps also hang out in this drawer.

The second drawer;
My stamps and stamp pads that I use often hang out here.
I have a massive collection of stamps downstairs in my craft room so if I need them I make the treck down the stairs. but clear stamps have made my life so much easier!

The third drawer;

The Markers, pens, adhesives, clips and other supplies hang out in the bottom.

It makes keeping organized so much more fun when you have tons of fun supplies right at hand!

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