Monday, July 22, 2013

Color coding stickers DIY

I have been relatively busy with our bathroom remodel and I'm sorry that I haven't been posting more.

But I do have an very easy DIY for you today!

I am in love with these color coded stickers

The only problem is, do they HAVE to be neon colored?
I'm also more than halfway through a planner and it's hard to switch colors now.

What ever shall I do?

I grabbed these guys I had hanging around my craft room,

Sadly they are write only so I can't really stick them through my printer.
(they un-peel and stick to the inside, so when it says "write only" they aren't joking)
so next choice...

I used the colors I'm using for color coding right now so that they would match!

The next thing I did was added some simple stampings to them!

how super cute are these guys?!?!

Simple yet effective!

Thanks for stopping by!


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