Thursday, May 21, 2015

DIY Spa wrap recipe, with DIY Scrub and shave oil!

There are about 5 million recipes online on how to make your own spa products.
I've been trying my own for awhile, I have sensitive skin, and lots of allergies so it's best if I just make it to know what's in it.

I've also worked in a few spas, always as a nail tech but I still got to see what the spa techs came up with for those expensive body wraps and spa treatments!

When you get a spa wrap, it usually involves hot blankets, tight wraps and some solution.
All of which you can do yourself!
Just make sure to stay hydrated!

The body drench version is the over the counter recipe, I also don't recommend doing your own whole body wrap all at once! 
I used cut up old t-shirts, 100% cotton, washed on sanitary with no fabric softener. 
To make long strips I make thick strips of the t-shirt yarn method.
This is the instructable I used, only the strips are about 3" wide.

(Some spas, aka the one I walked out on, would wash the wraps in only hot water, and then re roll them when dry.) Hopefully it was hot enough to kill all that bacteria.

On to the recipes!!

I gathered my usual supplies, they all hang out in a linen closet together!
What I use;
Body drench deep moisture lotion
 -Make sure to only buy it from a salon or a supply store, if you buy it online, it might be old, expired or diluted

Simply Balanced Coconut oil, refined
-It's what I prefer, you may like something different!

Baby oil- 
You could also simply use essential oils, but I love the way baby oil smells!

Baking soda- for the scrub-
Sea salt and coarse sugars would also work well if your skin can tolerate it.

Dollar store plastic bowls
-they are thin enough to melt oil in and bendable to help with pouring.
Spas used disposable cups and bowls, which seems wasteful to me!

Sealable containers
I used specimen cups from the hospital, every time I have a test I have to take off all my body jewelry and I always ask for one, so I have a few million around the house. 
I do recommend plastic just in case!

Misc utensils
-Most of these I bought from the dollar store, so I know they aren't for food.
-I use a whisk to mix my concoctions to get them nice and smooth.
- Measuring cups are great if you have to measure the amounts you are using
-Rubber scrapers
- I used the end of a paintbrush to act as a stir stick, in the spas they use popsicle sticks.
- I keep a color brush on hand to test out the consistency on my arm.
-Cleaning rags are also great to have on hand for any mess clean ups!

Let's start with the Scrub recipe;

Some prefer to melt the whole jar to pour the oil out, I scrape out what I need and put it in a bowl,

To melt it, I place it in the sink with hot water.

See how nice that is??

Then I add the baking soda until it's a texture I like, 
there isn't an exact science sometimes I like it more coarse, sometimes not. 
I make it right before I use it so it depends on the day.

After I've whipped it into a nice smooth consistency, I paint a light coat on with a soft brush.
I do small circles starting at the bottom and work my way up, only doing one part at a time.

To store it, keep it in a sealable container and use when needed!

The shaving oil is simply;
1 part coconut oil to 1 part baby oil.
You could simply go with either to be honest but I love the smell of one, 
 the other the texture and lasting effects of the other!

Moisture Wrap recipe;
I use it as a ultra conditioning lotion after showers and baths but can also be used as the wrap.

Ingredients I use;
Body drench deep moisture lotion
Coconut oil
Shea butter baby oil 
lavender baby oil for scent.

Melt the oil in the sink with hot water,
 I used about a 1/2 cup oil in mine.

I then put in about 1/2 cup of the lotion,

Mix it all together and what do you get?

Bibbidy boppity, lotion.

Now that it's nice and creamy you can apply it with a wide brush!

If you are doing the wrap you will need plastic wrap,  towels and lots of drinking water!

Typical spa wraps go like this;
 Shower and use the scrub to remove excess dead skin cells, can be a whole day before the wrap.
I like to shave my legs the day before the wrap to have a whole day of dolphin legs.
Plus it can get itchy if your leg looks like a cactus.

Paint the chosen product on with a wide brush,
 spas I've worked at used dollar store brushes or the 29 cent cheapies. 
But these leave bristles and can get itchy!
I bought soft quality brushes for myself, I clean them after each use with blue dawn dish soap and then soak them in rubbing alcohol.

After you have applied your product, wrap with cotton t-shirt strips or actual wraps that have been soaking in hot water, wring out and apply, then cover with plastic wrap to lock in the moisture. I use masking tape to hold the plastic wrap in place.
Place hot towels on top of the plastic wrap, usually running the under hot water works well.
If you have an old crock pot or towel warmer that works even better, just test the heat before hand.

Wrap yourself up like a mummy and listen to calming music and drink plenty of water!!

I usually like to do half of my body at a time so I don't over heat.

After 20 minutes of steaming, 
use new hot towels to wipe off any excess product, 
sometimes I prefer to take a cool shower to rinse off any excess.

Pat dry and you can enjoy your nice soft skin!

This is also perfect if you just want to do your feet for sandal season!


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