Monday, May 4, 2015

Vanity Organization

I have always been in love with antique furniture and beauty products. These reasons are why I am so obsessed with my water fall vanities.

While it's not technically a waterfall set I picked up these two for $50 last year at a rummage sale.

I used it at our rental in my dressing room,

Which was always a mess.

When we moved I knew I wanted to reorganize everything.

I had picked up these plastic dividers at Joann's when they were half priced.

I trimmed the edges and cut them into sections that would fit in the drawers.

With everything unpacked I went through and sorted by category.

Make up on the right, by kind.

Hair on the left,
(The middle drawer is empty, for now.)

The middle is the essentials that really don't have a home.

I used 3M command hooks to hang my irons underneath the vanity,
It keeps everything hidden but still accessible.

I slipped two cheap walmart rugs
(That didn't work in my bathroom)
Underneath the vanity to protect the carpet from any makeup fall out.

Same setup, only more organized!

Also in the mirror you can see the reflection of the matching dresser!

Which holds our giant tv and blue ray.

For $50 and some change I love the vanity and the huge dresser!!

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