Friday, May 1, 2015

Sewing machine table redo

If you're not familiar with my sewing machine table, it looked like this;

The clear varnish I put on the tabletop was bad or was old, it stated it was for outdoor use.

One rainstorm later and it looked like it was going to split apart.

While I was on a painting spree with my incredible paint I got from a paint store in town,
I pre determined this was going to to get paint. why not do it at the same time.

I was really proud of the stain I concocted with vinegar and rusty nails, but alas it wasn't meant to be.
Probably why the varnish didn't work. 

Light bulb moment.

I set up shop on the living room floor with a box and plastic that came on the couch.

I threw paint on everything, it was liberating.

How the tabletop looked before paint;

It was a very educational process to how the paint was going to go, so I splashed some on and after one coat it looked like this;

Pretty darn good if I do say so myself!! 

The stain was seeping through the white and was giving it a nice old wood look.

It was more white than I had anticipated,  but as I let it dry it turned more yellow.

This time I was not going to redo this again, I did some research and found that Spar urethane can go over painted and stained surfaces and is made to go outdoors.

I bought a whole gallon. I know I'll use the whole thing by the end of summer.

I put on two light coats of the Spar urethane;

It does have a brown tint to it so the wood wasn't so yellow when it dried.
Look how amazing the wood grain looks!

Please forgive the messy background, my husband is in the middle of drywalling the garage.

This morning I reattached the tabletop to the sewing machine legs and that was that!!

Here is what it looks like now;

We've been having trouble with solicitors, hence the sign, it will go on a fence post once we get the landscaping done, (after the garage.)

Thanks for stopping by!

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