Saturday, May 2, 2015

Reusable cleaning rags and holders.

Last year I tried to use less paper towels while cleaning,
I made rags out of my husbands old work shirts since they get so thin and gross in some areas.

Cut off the top, make them into squares and 
you now have free cleaning rags that are machine washable!

The original pile I cut, the first time;

I kept them in a shampoo set bag, you know those promotional packages that are cheaper than the regular ones? I only needed it for traveling and refilling and I'm a sucker for a free bag!

It worked well enough until my third shirt sacrificing session.

It was overflowing, but it was handy because I could hang it anywhere that I was cleaning,

I cut a slit in the bottom to get them out without having to unzip the top.

The more I used the bag, the more I hated using it.

Time for a new container.
My sister has three kids and I know she goes through tons of wipes.

Plus they are all over pinterest right now for the different things you can store in them,
I myself have employed them for Feminine supplies;

Need to keep them organized!

The patterned containers were used for that purpose, and I have to figure out a better way soon.

My sister gave me two pampers containers and one cotnelle.
 The cotonelle container was easy since the words are printed on,
a quick swipe with some acetone took it right off!

It looked great but didn't really look all that spiffy.

Que the sharpies!

Some markers and rubbing alcohol and it would look great in no time!!

oooorrrr not.

I gave up for the day and worked on something else.

I spray painted the two teal pampers containers so it would be easier to color on, the printing does not come off with a quick wipe of acetone. 

I would still be scrubbing it off.

PLUS the paint would make the colors stand out more!

So a quick spray of rustoleum;

I'm not too worried about the bottom, I could just flip them over when they were dry.

I left the flaps open so they wouldn't get painted shut.

The teal still was visible, but it was better than the label.

I took some sharpies after it, in the colors that would go with the teal.

The clear-ish ones I tried to match to my bathroom, why not at this point!

Before the alcohol: 

I also used a white clorox wipe container;

I used carbon paper to transfer the letters, the first three are very crooked.
Meh, it's for cleaning.

I put some very childish daisies on this one,

After the ink was pretty dry I smeared a brush across the containers

These two turned out the best.

After I was happy with the way they looked I took them out to the paint shop

Yes this is my garage, and why yes those are the plates I painted.

I wanted to spray them all at once.
I used a water based urethane to seal them, 
I know they would get scratched or sprayed with cleaning products.

Let them dry overnight and called it good!

However, the sealer made the ink run.

So the letters ran, but other than that it was good.

Second one also ran, looks alright.

 I guess.

This one is still my favorite!

The one I sprayed white didn't blend all that great 

Aaaaaaaaaand the letters ran.

But it's perfect for bags!

I'll stash it under a seat in my car for those times you need a bag.

The cotonelle one also ended up pretty nice as well 
once I went back over it with sharpies and sealed it.

Of course I had to include an "action shot"

The bigger ones look pretty good, but I know what to do differently.

1. Use clear/white plastic
2.Paint any letters on after or used stickers right before you seal it.
3. Spray paint will work, if it has to, but not as well.
4. Use light coats of sealer so none of the ink will run.
5. Paint brushes work better for a watercolor look, cotton swabs work well for details.
Also if you get too much alcohol in one spot a dry swab with soak it up.

Thats about it for this time,

Here they are plum full of rags for cleaning!

Now I don't have to run to a certain room to grab them, 
or worry about cramming them into a single bag!

Thanks for stopping by!

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