Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A whole flood of ideas!

I knew that I needed to pick up some chairs I special ordered from Ace hardware today,
But I had no idea exactly how bad the flooding has been getting.
I took the by pass around most of the city but it only took me 45 minutes.
It usually takes me 10 maybe.
the water was all the way up to the bridge and then some.
the one bridge I take to work I guess is gone. how the heck do I find my way now????
Any way here are some random photos I gathered from the internets.
This is the highway leading to my neck of the woods... 
About a month ago.
This is the same region today...

 Here is some new aqua farmers....
 This is the road I take to work... last week.
This is what people living on the river have to do to protect their expensive houses.

 The national guard with the "spider" sandbagging machine, its rough to work with, your hands are sore for a week afterwards...
 This is the river that winds through the town.
 literally through town..
 This is the river view while standing on the bridge.
 heres the side view.
 It rained really hard yesterday and resulted in this:
 I learned that my car is very water proof. I wonder if you can get snorkle gear for a caddy?

 This is north of Cole Harbor... thats hwy 83.
 This is the satellite view of minot ND.
ok now that you have that, give me directions to work!
Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all the thoughts!
ps. is it bad that I was thinking about how to build life rafts out of hair supplies?

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