Tuesday, March 22, 2011

80's end table mail station

To be honest I don't have before photos. I just grabbed a can and sprayed these bad boys down.
I've looked at the ugly things for 24 years! My parents finally bought new more updated end tables.
Luckily I'm crafty and made a quick job of their new paint. (thank goodness for lunch breaks)

 I didn't tape off the marble top, lets face it, I don't care about it. not enough to tape it off anyway.
the inside of one of the tables, you can see the dark wood tone it was. I sprayed on a base coat of gold and the cream crackle top over top. talk about pricy stuff! I didn't sand, prime or prep them in any way.
 This one turned out well enough to stay down stairs, it sits to the right of the entry way from the garage.
I drop everything here, the paper gets shredded ( shredder behind the table due to the short power cord!)
and any other trash gets tossed. my purse also sits on this table, had to move it for the photo. My husband lovingly let me put one of his lamps here. Ok so I just stole it from the living room. He could really care less. I leave it on, instead of leaving a candle burning in the window or a yellow ribbon on the door. Plus when I come down to feed the cats at 5 am I don't have to blind myself with the regular lamps.
 I was in such a hurry so you can see my lovely run.... I don't think anyone will notice.

 This lucky guy was perfect for a second nightstand. seeing that I already took over my hubby's night stand I needed more room. I have my phone charger in the pink charging station, no more dead phone hopefully.
I also made many runs. for someone who paints cars you think I could spray paint better, but I didn't have the time to care!
I didn't even move the hardware so if you move one of them you can see the ugly wood tone behind it. all in all I think I did a pretty good job for a lunch break!

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