Friday, March 25, 2011

Linen closet and Mail boxes.

Everyone lately has been posting tutorials on how to turn mailing boxes into magazine style storage.
I might as well jump on that bandwagon! I ordered these off the usps website, free of course!

 They came in a box that look like this one!
 I basically just cut them in half diagonally and pulled the adhesive strip cover and assembled them.
 Some turned out better than others, but lets be honest I'm lazy and no one is really going to look that close.
 I even cut a few so I could stash my hair color tubes and boxes in one spot without having to pull all of them out of the box.
 After covering them with some scrap book paper and labeling them they look something like this:
 I made the labels by using an avery template for a mailing sticker template. 1"x3" I don't really know which number it was.
 All of my 12"x 12" paper fits perfectly! no more stacks of paper!

ok on to the linen closet!
I took everything out and sorted it! here is the end result!
 I really don't have a before because it was all just thrown in there!
 The missing drawer is my hair pins, I have them in my craft room to glue flowers to.
 They aren't all the same height. and I'm not about to throw them out. These are way on the left side of the closet.
 All of the extra panels are folded and put in sheet style plastic bags. the kind that you buy pillow cases in. You can see next to the box what it looks like without the label.
 My personal stash of Hair color! The Paul Mitchell color fits wonderfully in this one but the joico has a more rectangular so they don't fit as well. 
These goodies don't get stashed in a box! My beloved pedicure supplies! on top of my foot bath. everything is ready just to be pulled out and put to use! Have I mentioned that I love pedicures??
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