Thursday, March 24, 2011

Home tour Living room.

These Pillows started my clean sweep. They were so cute that  I had to show them on my couch.
 I reused an old pillow cut in two, tore off any matted spots and viola! Two throw pillows. I used the rest of the fabric I had left over from making a curtain panel. I should eventually post on that....
 Here is my beautiful, clean, almost sterile living room!  It's been a complete mess since my hubby left! bout time I cleaned it up and proved that the whole house isn't a mess. Just the craft areas.....
 My husbands couches collect such lint and hair. bleh. I even had the vacuum cleaner up ON the couches and they still have lint. After using a whole sticky sheet roll there was lint, I gave up. I'm a good enough-er. (random question, have you visited motherboard yet? Super fun!!) 
And yes, the clock is still wrong. 
 We are 'watching' our friends Tv while they are moving. get it? watching? (slaps knee)
Ok well it is larger than ours so the star got covered. I'm far too lazy to move it.
I finally took down the Christmas decorations okay?
In the right most book case you can see my hand made magazine boxes! 
Soon I may post how I made them, even though everyone has been doing that also!
 The last messy area of the house! (Besides my craft room!)
I'm Sorting craft room supplies that were under the stairs. Soon these boxes will be covered and stored!
Let's just sit and look at the sunshine. Please pretend that we didn't have a blizzard the day before yesterday. let's bask in the 35 degree weather!
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