Sunday, March 27, 2011

Craft room wall organizer

I had the best intentions of having a lazy day. I made it all the way to six before I got bored.
It all started from my cat having to be in the middle of what I was doing. Here I am getting ideas from my CB2 catalog. Big foot is also enjoying it.
Well I didn't get very far. 
I was looking around the internet and found these two photos 
( if you know where they are from let me know so I can give credit)
 I know these bars are from Ikea. I live in the middle of no where. I really didn't want to spend any money, My goal for the next few months is to spend as least as possible.
I really liked this idea, but plumbing is not an area I'm very familiar with.
I know what I wanted bars to put my paper punches on but I really don't want to put a few million holes in the walls. there are already a few hundred.
I had some materials left over from making the pantry and from a show rack I bought on clearance at lowes. 
It was a modular system, where you could put the bars where ever you wanted them to accommodate the shoes you have. It's very flimsy and poorly made, I don't recommend purchasing a system like this. I had  to glue the bars in and it still just falls over. So with four left over bars I had the bar part of my project. but how do you hang them? I wandered around Menards for a good two hours until I found something I thought would work. At 72 cents a piece I could work it in my budget (I only use my tips from work to pay for crafting). I bought 8 I bolt things.
I gathered some old wood and my tools and made some sawdust.
 I really love my drill my parents bought me for my last birthday! 

 I measured the board and did some math. I had my mom on the phone to make sure it was right. I drilled holes so that the bolts would fit snugly through. Big foot was supervising not so much helping with the math, with his thumbs he can count to 13 and that won't be much help.
 I tightened the nuts on the back side of the board to the right depth for hand punches.
 I held it up just to make sure! Yay! it works!
 I did the bottom one to hold a roll of paper towels, I'm a very messy creature, I need it.
 I know that I don't have a grinder to remove the back of the bolts, I used these pieces so the shelf would sit out away from the wall. usps boxes are great saw horses and for my birthday this year I would really like a table saw or heck, a saws-all would be nice.
 Here is the back view of the panel, I decided that the paper towels could hang from the bottom to save room on the panel itself.
 Measuring is not my strong suite so eye balling the bolts on the bottom was the idea here.

 Tada! here is my creation! I put on some tool holders I bought for $1.47 at lowes ( I know they are for the slat boards but for that price I can make them work.

 Here is my craft wall before! I measured my studs in the wall and screwed up a scrap piece of 1"x2".
 I screwed the shelf to the board and viola!
Here is the finished product with my favorite stamps and tools!
The nice thing about having it sit out from the wall is being able to adjust the bars to fit what ever I want to hang. I also still have room on the left hand of the panel to put something else. I'm not sure what yet but I bet there is some cork board calling my name!
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