Tuesday, March 22, 2011

House spruce ups!

ok not so much sprucing as just adding my frilly touch!

I added some blue frilly ribbon to the lamp shades on the night stands, they were so bland!
nothing some double stick tape couldn't fix!
and then...
I bought this clock to charge my phone because I didn't want to spend over $30 for a clock/charger combo. This was $25. It came with an ugly paper insert that you could flip from ugly to tacky. I traced it and cut out some matching scrap booking card stock. cute now huh??? it matches! I feel so more calm looking at the clock when I sleep in too much!
My buggins sits next to my clock to keep me happy! My mother gave it to me for valentines day! He is so cute I can't help but smile! I also organized my hubby's nightstand ok, ok my nightstand.
look how amazing it is now!! I always pick up these lil containers when I'm at the dollar store, they always come in handy! I have all of my essentials. My Ped egg, lotion ( I hate it when my heels catch on the sheets) ear plugs, nail polish ( opi austen-tasious) scissors, nail file, pens, sleep aids and the box my wedding ring came in, the fossil box has spare change in it.
The second drawer. Full of planner pages, notebooks, pens, a clip board and my word finds!
The third drawer has a dust bunny in it. saving that one for hubby? I haven't made up my mind yet!

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