Monday, August 20, 2012

A re-do re-do

My parents gave me these amazing round end tables, I then had a great idea to paint them with crackle paint.

No, my brilliant ideas didn't pan out. Why?  Lets review what I did wrong
1. I didn't sand, prime, or clean the surface
2. I didn't even remove the handles
3. I didn't make sure I had enough paint for both tables. No, self, you cannot in fact stretch that can of spray paint, don't even try!!
4. I painted them on a 40 degree day. 75 degrees is what is recommended. 
5. I rushed myself so runs happened.

Gee I wonder what went wrong???

Well here was the first attempt at re painting them.

So this time I did everything to the letter.
I even took out the marble tops!
(had no clue they came out until hubby lifted them into 
the pickup box and the marble fell on his arm, oops)

With the help of my dads sand blaster and random sanders I got all the surface scuffed and all the old paint removed. The knobs came off very easily even though the moving company broke them completely off one of the tables.

My husband even helped me select the paint color, sand, prime and paint them!
Couldn't ask for any better helper!

so with no further introduction here are my new tables!

The first one is in the corner of the living room serving as a mail/drop station!

even my DIY key art found a home!

the brackets are from the hob lob. half off as usual, but they only had two!!

Heres a better photo of the mail sorter I made off of pinterest.

The second table serves as the bed room catch all that holds our humidifier.
Please excuse the horrible photos, I am still in search of my dslr charger. My iphone is the closest thing I have to a decent camera. Ok I lied but I don't have the kind of time to get my 35mm camera out, find the film, take the photo, use up the whole roll, take it in, have it developed, scanned and then upload it.
Is that really how we did it before digital cameras? 
Yes. I know how sweet life is now!

Also I forgot to mention my newest helper!
This is LuLu (the loon) we adopted her from a local animal rescue!
she is such a spit fire! Just like mommy! *sniff*

Sorry! back to the tables

This ones knobs also had to be different because they only had two of these at hobby lobby!
UGH! not saying I would have bought these knobs if I had a choice!
But maybe someday I will come across some knobs I must have!

I Meant this post as a some what of a teaser to our new house, the location these tables are in aren't in a large area of the house and needed their own special post!

And see how beautiful something turns out when you follow all of the directions?
ok here are the details
the color is Eden, in semi gloss by rustoleum. 
I can't quite remember how much they were on rebate at Menards!
We also used the same brand primer in white ( I went with white so not to dilute or muddy the green)
the knobs are from hobby lobby and were around $6 for the pair.

Again sorry for the bad photos!

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