Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Planning planners

Hi, My name is Williamina (will-uh-mean-uh) and I have a planner problem.
I am addicted to planners and making planners.
To be technical I have an obsession with office supplies in general but planners are my favorite to design and make.

I have already made two planners this year, a weekly mini and a daily medium sized.
I don't use both anymore, who needs two planners? A mother, thats who.
I'm not a mother so I really don't even need a daily planner, but I like the option.
I have seen some 'life' planners out there, but I'm not sure the layout would work for me.
I like weekly lay outs with lines but sometimes I lean more towards daily. 
Sometimes I just write everything on sticky notes so I can move them around.

Here is the weekly that measures 3.75x6"
I just stitched up a simple cover when I was hanging out with my mother one day.
Its some faux leather vinyl stuff from JoAnns. I added a band of elastic to keep it shut. 

Each month has its own theme!
Thanks to Design House digital for their free scrapbook elements and backgrounds!

I made sure that I even went through January to allow myself enough time to buy/make the planner for next year!

Just like the small one I made the daily planner smaller. It measures 8.5x5.5"ish
I made the front by designing it in photoshop, printing it on card stock and laminating it. after trimming, I punched it for the binding. 
Yes I know it says 2013 and that's my bad. but no one ever looks at it close enough anyway!

the back bears my name just in case anyone would ever wonder who would own a planner like this!

the inside is home to sticky notes that don't have homes!
Just like the weekly, the pages all have themes by month. 
It makes it easy to flip to a month with out having to use tabs.

Here is august.

I also have to write down everything I eat, not because I'm trying to loose weight but because I have been horrifically sick the last few months, and that is not good considering I have celiac. 
so everything gets written down and documented! LAME!

LuLu really wants you to see September. I think it was her favorite layout.......or something.....

October must be Bumble's favorite. He really wanted to help too!
I meant to show the sticky notes I put at the beginning of every month for the bills of the month.
I used the sticky note in inkjet method to make them!



I didn't go any further than December because the planner was so thick the way it was. If I did it over again for daily I would use the arc binder system and just rotate the pages in and out for each month.

The back of the planner holds more stickies of things I need to remember.

Thanks for stopping by!

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