Sunday, August 19, 2012

Do you ever...

Do you ever hate the fact that writing checks is such an inconvenience but a debit card is too convenient? I mean checks take forever and debit cards are so easy that I spend too much!

I've thought about doing the cash envelope system of spending but I hate carrying around cash.
 Even the individual envelopes seem like a pain. 

I love the fact that I can track my checks and debit cards by statements and online. I don't really balance my check book anymore I just simply track my spending by writing down the same information as I would if I were balancing it in a register. But there is another flaw, even though I use a debit card why do I have to carry around a huge check size register??

What'a that you say? That I should get the debit card size ones from my bank? Well you would be spot on! but my bank doesn't offer them and I'm not about to invest any money into buying them.

I love the concept. and thus I made my own version. I made them four up and printed them back to back (top-bottom for those fancy printers you may have). Cut them out and stapled them with a card stock cover, I'll save you the picture because I don't currently have a paper cutter unpacked. Nor do I have a straight edge to use my craft knife with, so mine ended up pretty dang homely! 
no one needs to see that!!
This is the way I made it look. not to scale here but below is the link to the actual file!

But print, cut, staple, and balance away! 
here is the Link to the google documents! Let me know if it works or if you have any problems!


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