Friday, August 24, 2012

Home tour: Bathroom

It seems that the Bathroom is one of the easiest rooms in the house to redo.
(if it's decent to begin with)
luckily for us there wasn't a huge renovation needed!

This is what the bathroom looked like before. ok well the one side.
the mirror was horrid and there weren't that many lights, save the two on the medicine cabinet.

And here is what we have done!

yay! It looks like a normal bathroom, without major renovations.

I cleaned up the built ins and polished them. kept all the hard wear and such.

We replaced the light, the mirror/medicine cabinet, sink and faucet.

all my product and appliances. They sit on my mirrored vanity tray that my mother gave me.

the last mirror/med cabinet/ light system were combined into one and it is impossible to find plastic maroon tile outside of 1952.

Due to the fact that the last medicine cabinet was a pile and they used huge bolts to secure it to the wall, I had to hide some awesome ...... uhhhh..... texture (??) with a picture.
My husband said it was tacky once. he has since changed his mind.
Even though he doesn't actually remember the conversation....

The towel/wine rack was longer than I remembered so it has to sit higher. Yes I know I'm missing the two towels on the bottom, I'll come across them as soon as I've posted this I'm sure.

I was cleaning so well for this that I actually put the tp on the holder!
the funny fact is that the holder is about shin level when you sit down.
Who ever designed this bathroom was very short and very narrow, there is a bookshelf/privacy wall thingie, you must keep your arms tucked in or you whack your arm on it!

the shower curtain hides the homely tub/shower combo.
Someday we will update the whole bathroom but for now it works!

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