Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kitchen Reorganization.

being in the kitchen used to drive me crazy!
I hate how it looks and I hate how its organized, I've been sick the last few months so housework has taken a back burner. Also my husband informed me that I will be doing dishes along with my one other chore.(according to him I only do laundry) yeah the rooms clean themselves.....
Anyway the reason this bothers me so much is that I am severely allergic to wheat.
think nut allergy, most people assume when I say wheat they think celiac which is a gastric ailment.
I have both, I can't touch wheat without swelling and rashes, yeah it sucks, if you want to know more check out the gluten dude, his blog is awesome for people who have celiac and other forms of food intolerance but also their loved ones.

what was I posting again??

oh yeah, KITCHEN.
This is what it looked like when we moved in.

the little phone nook.

Any way here is how my kitchen looks on a normal day.
After we moved in we painted, got a new fridge
New light fixtures and
I even put up a new valance. fancy!

Everything just gets thrown where ever when my hubby "cleans"
aka he puts it where ever...

My bad habit is piling things on the kitchen table.
It't the dumping ground of the house.

For today I am going to organize the cabinets and clean off the countertops.
this area is always a challenge, the fridge/stove area is very cramped and awkward.
This is the new fridge we got! I'm very pleased with it so far but I need to organize that too!

 Step one, gather your organizing items and a helper.

My hubby did help but LuLu is so much cuter!!!

our cabinets were just stuffed with things, no reason.

because everyone needs five billion bags of sunflower seeds.....

see what I mean about the dumping???

here is what the corner cabinet looked like before

we inherited all our spices, because you know I cook so much...not.

I learned that these baking mixes fit perfectly in a double tray organizer! 
Hazahh I love it when things work out!

Here is the corner cabinet now that I re did it.
all baking mixes on top, all noodles and stock, and apparently popcorn on the middle and canned on bottom.

here is where all the spices went. Above the stove where I might need them someday.

The next cabinet is our snacks.
you can tell my hubby was putting the measuring cups in there!

 And after! 
All the snacks have a home!

 my tea/coffee/meds cabinet was next
Awesome huh?
sexy I know!

only tea, coffee and meds are in here now, no more mingling with snacks!

the last upper is where my husband just threw things.
seriously its not that hard!
why are guys so daft?

here is the after.

Have you ever had a spot in your house that is so disorganized you just throw stuff in it and slam the door to hope everything stays in it???

this is that cabinet.
here is what it was....

this is the place where all the appliances get stuffed.

oh look my hubby stuffed my crock pot down there... yay..

After digging everything out I found my beloved crock pot has been dented :(
I am already pissed and that just made it worse.

Everything was taken out, cleaned and then wrangled!

all the sheets moved around the corner to make way for the big girl toys.

And here is the after!

After cleaning off the table we moved it, I love it so much more this way!

We can actually can have more people at the table now!

Here is my new info station!

I made this sweet calendar info center, with all the free elements from Design House Digital!

All I did was design it. I then took it to office depot to have it printed, mounted and laminated to make a dry erase like surface.
I then taped it into an open back frame from hobby lobby, half off it was $17.
The print was $21.99
I am very pleased with my work!

I even updated my grandmother's clock, hand embroidered by her!
all I did was paint the hands so you could see them better.

here is my boquet from my wedding with our cake topper.
the photo is of us of course and the cans need to be prettified.
All I need to do now is design a label for that!

Creativity just never stops does it?

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you will want to do your kitchen too!


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