Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our house is a very very very fine house

This is our new house.
As far as housing markets go ours is the worst. 
They are all over priced and under sized because of the booming oil fields, all the houses are sold or unfit to live in. We are very lucky to have this great place to call ours!

Sure it's nothing I would have pinned on any of my boards on pinterest but it certainly has charm!

 First we have the awesomly 80s living room!
the house was built in 1952 so there is fabulous details that I adore!

I love love love the HUGE window in the living room but finding curtains will be fun!
The curtains and everything has to go because of the previous smoker tenant.

We even has a cute lil built in. Which I used to hate and want to cover but its growing on me!

Around the corner is the master bed room that is so unbelievably boring it isn't worth a picture.

the most interesting things about this place are the following...
the hideous bathroom, those tiles are actually plastic...... they have them behind the cabinets too. 

 I adore the built ins that are by each bathroom. 
the wood is just so beautiful it's such a shame to paint them!

The mini pantry/attic access is awesome.
It has steps.....
really? what were these builders thinking?
ok sure they were thinking, the easiest way to the attic is steps and because there is steps to go downstairs underneath it, why not just do more stairs? 
Okay now that I have it worked out it makes sense!
Its also very convenient storage. 

the most laughable part of the house is the kitchen!
but sadly all the appliances have to be on the one side... oh old electrical how I loathe thee!

the kitchen also has a wonderful telephone nook.
because everyone has a home telephone right?

The down stairs was upgraded before it was ours,
ok most of the down stairs. 
The laundry room looks like a bad horror film set.
 There were wires going no where with their ends hanging out...
Although that sink is awesome!

Because it was a duplex we have a really nice downstairs.
we also have a garage and parking pad. what more could you want? 
alright, what more could you want for less than $200,000??
yes, its that crazy here!

Thanks for stopping by and tune in for all of the updates!


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