Sunday, July 21, 2013

Color coding tabs with paint chips!

I know I'm not the only one who returns home from the hardware store
with a huge pile of these guys:

I usually use my typewriter to put quotes on them.

but I was thinking of doing something else,

I needed some tabs for a planner I wanted to make.

All I needed was a tab making punch, which I had in my craft room!

I didn't quite think this through so what I did was I punched the paint chip and then 
tried to put it through my type writer.

My lack of planning was great on this day!

It ended up looking something like this:

So take two,
I traced the outline on the paint chip.

And then ran it through the typewriter!

Much better!
All I need now is a new ribbon for the dang typewriter and I'll be set!

Now I just need to make 11 more!

color coding made easy and cheaply!

Fold and glue and I will be done!

Thanks for stopping by!

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