Saturday, July 13, 2013

DIY paint swatch quotes.

It's no secret that I am IN LOVE with my type writers.

The one in this picture is my only functional one,
 we found it down in Carson City, Nevada at the good will.

They had it marked at $30, which was fine, I would have bought it anyway but the very nice worker told me she would lower it to $23! YES! of course I had to have it.
My husband could have cared less.
He was under the assumption I wanted it for decorating purposes only, much like my Underwood
Typewriter my sister gave me.

But NO!
I wanted to use it.
Mostly for sticky notes and scrap booking!

But I had this idea of typing out quotes on paint swatches!
The squares went through the machine very easily,
Besides the typos and misspellings I had quite a few when I finished.
(if you need practice spelling with out auto correct I suggest using a type writer)

This is the small stack I had,
I was able to fit quite a few quotes on each.

After I had them all typed up, cutting was up next!

I used my paper slicer to make it easier.

being on the last one, it was hard to cut because it was too thin, 
Simply attach a post it to hold your thin strip!
I used a graphed one so I could line it up perfectly.
Just kidding, it was the only ones near me!

When they are all cut they look like this!
I love being able to hack off the mistakes.

But now they are perfect for all your quote needed purposes.

I plan on leaving some inspiring quotes in the gym lockers, the rest
I'm sure I'll just use in a planner or smash book.

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