Sunday, July 14, 2013

Soda Can Diy

I drink way too much soda.

Because my hubby and I drink so much soda we have a surplus of aluminum cans.
We do recycle them, but when I was playing around with paint swatches and paper punches I had a great idea, "what if you can punch a soda can?"
well, of course you can.
ha ha can...

Sorry for the pun.

There are a few tutorials on how to punch and use soda cans in crafting.

The first thing I tried was a flower!

let me show you what I made!

look how awesome this is!
Pretty good for a first try!

To get started here is what I used:
5 dr. pepper cans (my drug of choice)
a flower petal punch by fiskars, it has two sizes
e6000 glue

I cut up 5 soda cans, I punched petals from all of them and saved the bottom from one,
For the base I used the bottom of the can and folded down the sharp edges.

I then folded, bent and glued the larger petals to the base.
I went around a few times and came up with this,
This would have made a cute flower the way it was, so you could stop here.

That's not how I roll,

so then I added the smaller petals. working around and around again.

Folding and bending before glueing them was way easier then trying to bend them afterwords FYI.

I kept going until I was out of room!


my finished flower!
I'm going to play around with different curling and petal placement.

I can't wait to find some magnets to put on the back so I can put it on the fridge!

Thanks for stopping by!


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