Sunday, April 10, 2011

DIY Calendots

 I made this dry erase calendar a way back, the only problem is that I didn't put any metal in there so therefore its not magnetic, that means no cute magnets :(
Whats a gal to do?
I did try to make some window cling reminders but they were really not what I envisioned.
 As you can see they weren't very attractive.

 So it's a new month and since I was doing my calendar over and I just got sick of the way it looked.
And I figured I might as well redesign them.
Here is the after
 I even printed out the numbers so they would be the same.
 I had to cut them out by hand so they aren't that nice. I should have set the printer to use more ink because they are so transparent but as long as I know what they say I should be ok for awhile. I'm sure I will re-do them again soon. maybe make them larger?
 you can kind of tell what they say.... some are for cleaning, bills or events.
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