Friday, April 15, 2011

Home Decor Update and fun with burlap!

So today I made this bad boy! MDF was 75 cents for 8ft at menards, it was slightly warped, but I had fun playing with my new jig saw and nail gun!
The cuts weren't that great so time to cover it up! Yay for burlap!
A closer blurrier image to show the burlap better!

I have a ton of free space on my craft organizer! I guess I'll just have to buy more crafting supplies!

 I also updated my clementine box decor, I added the v sign from hobby lobby, moved the chess piece from the dining room and added a bird and bird house! 
I love birds and birdhouses, I really am turning into my mother!
Also in the spirit of spring I covered some eggs in fabric, this is as close of a picture as I'm getting seeing that they are a mess close up, no one looks that close any way!

I added real photos to my frames in the stair well. I even added the moulding frame I made, very rustic looking, aka I hate wood working but it's far too expensive to buy!

And the higher of the shelves, Love came from Joanns, for a buck!
love is cheap!

Last but not least my newest creation, a burlap key design, I did jump on the bandwagon and break out these skeleton keys, I bought them back in 05, I really didn't have a purpose for them until now.
 I do have a nice collection of odd keys as well but I'm not sure about how to display them. Give me time I'm sure I can come up with something, heck these keys were sitting around for six years. everything does have its purpose...ok I'm just rationalizing my shopping addiction...
 When I was making the frame I drew right on the frame itself. not such a great idea, second bad idea, cover it with paint. the paint didn't cover it. Eraser didn't work.
sand paper.
thats all I have to say.
My plans are never quite thought out so when stuff like this happens I like to think that it only makes me more creative to come up with a solution!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ps, I'm avoiding sorting my bead collection, I may not be back for a few days because I might get obsessive about the beads!

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