Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding Flowers

Since there is a wedding tonight at 3am my time I thought I would post all the wedding flowers I made for my own wedding, not nearly as grand, but I still think it was better than most I've been to.
I'm not a very formal person so I don't like anything longer than 15 minutes!
I made most everything for the wedding except the food, dress and hubbies tux.
My awesome bouquet, flowers from hobby lobby and it was wrapped with a ribbon that came on an arrangement my hubby sent me while I was in school!
Even the lil B loved my flowers!
The table arrangements, flowers from hobby lobby and the bowls from pier one, they are square cereal bowls!

These are the boutonnieres, the flowers and fabric are from hobby lobby of course!

 This is my hubbies bout! my favorite!

 All of them lined up!
 And here are all the corsages:

 These are the bowls I picked up for $1.47 at pier one!
 All the flowers lined up and ready to go!
 The centerpieces at the science museum.

 This lovely arrangement was made by one of my mentors, Bobby.
She was the one who got me into crafting and hair.
These were my "altar" flowers. on clearance at pier one.
Don't they look cute?
Thanks for taking a peek!


  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous!! That looks like a lot of hard work, very one of a kind. I love how you incorperated meaningful ribbon on your boquet too!

  2. I'll be honest the floral foam fit perfectly in the bowls and I just stuck the stems in, no real rhyme or reason.

  3. Thanks for posting..all Wedding Flowers can be beautiful, georgous and really make the wedding day.