Wednesday, April 20, 2011

lamp Re-do.

I've been thinking about doing something with these lamps.

And then I came across this
Well everyone and their dog has made this kind so why not?
I just don't like the shade.
 I took off the shade and took them out to the garage.
I sprayed the lamps with "painters touch" rusteolum aqua, it was $3 on sale at menards.

 I really don't like priming things because spray paint sticks to anything. 
 Totally a new look! I love it!
Ok now I just have the shades left.
 Yay for burlap and spray adhesive!

 I also picked up this fabric on clearance at hobby lobby!
 Here is the "action" pictures.

 It really brightens up the place, get it? brighten.......yeah I know I'm not funny!
 Look at all the awesome boards I got at menards! they were 29 cents each! score!
 Also moulding was on sale...

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Visiting form Sew Many Ways. Awesome! Where do you find a Menards that has 29¢? The ones around me don't have that kind of sale, or even oops paint.

  2. Cool! I had no idea that I could spray paint over ceramic lamps. My next painting? - beige lamps to beach blue!

  3. tru-To be honest I just walked over to the lumber section and asked for the warped boards, the guy pointed me to the section and even helped me carry it! My menard's doesn't have oops paints either, everything is computer controlled, maybe an automotive store for spray oops paint?

    Kris- I'll be honest it was so simple just to spray it, heck spray paint sticks to everything that isn't flexible!

  4. I LOVE IT! I don't have any lamps I can spray paint but it makes me want to go to goodwill to get an ugly lamp to spray paint! lol
    Thanks for the idea!