Friday, April 8, 2011

Home tour, Dining room.

I really love watching divine design and building things. 
Moving into a new house with no furniture was very stressful for me.
so this is what I came up with
The walls were extremely boring, with some help from a great gal at Menards I created these crown moulding shelves. Here is the first attempt at decorating with chess pieces from Hobby Lobby.
 The crown moulding is just nailed to the wall and a plain 1"x 4" there is a 1"x 1" already on the wall to support both pieces. The ends aren't finished because I have no clue what to put there.

 The shelf ended up being deep enough for photos and accessories, I love it when things just work.
 This is the other one I made, they are both 4' because the moulding only came in 8' pieces.

 So now that I have the walls covered, what to do about a table???
I feel that it's the most important piece of furniture in a house.
I am really cheap. I didn't even want to pay $100 for a table.
I found a gentleman in my home town that sells antiques who was selling antique doors.
well heck! I thought I would just get a door and slap some legs on.
I would have but these doors were very slender. 
My father came to the rescue. I have no experience in wood working, I can spray paint it but thats about it. My father shaved down the two doors I bought for ten dollars a piece.
With just the panels of the doors left my dad made the table top and the legs! 
He made them removable so when we moved it could be taken apart!
Here is the lovely stain that my mom picked out ( me: "yeah just grab a stain from dads cabinet that you think will look good") My husband stripped the original stain with readi strip.
 Gorgeous no?
ok now that we have it put together, what to put on top? Resin? plexi-glass?
Glass, that is the final answer. 
A one piece slab of glass was $500. way too pricey.
I was surprised when my parents actually bought the two glass pieces for the top!
In the picture you can barely tell that it is two long pieces.
My father cased in the glass with oak moulding he had left over from some other project.
 Here you can see the glass edges here.
 Here is the whole Dining room, the stools were given to us from my hubbies last roomate.

 The candle holders were from the wedding, table runner from pier one, on clearance of course!
 I rearranged the decorations.

 Isn't this bowl too cute??? Real Deals, thats all I have to say!
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