Thursday, April 7, 2011

Home tour, Stairwell.

I would like to share with everyone my wonderful Husband.
His name is Mike and I love him so much that I could strangle him.
OK enough mushy crap.
We have a very bland house. I really don't want to paint because we would have to repaint before we move out or pay to have them paint it back.
So what do you do with a huge stairwell with a really dumb window?
I thought it would be cute to put a candle holder with candles burning until my hubby comes home (oh you know when someone is missing you leave the candle in the window? Yeah that crap. only they are LED candles that have timers!)

 OK so that looks okay, I guess.
But really? I don't want people seeing in my house.
Using this cute birdie fabric I bought on clearance at JoAnns I made a curtain panel.

 I used a tension rod and yes I do know its now sewn straight. I'm far too lazy to take it down and re do it.
I have these pedestals from my wedding, not sure exactly what to do with them so the flowers are going to hang out there for awhile.
This is what they looked like at the wedding

They seem so lonely on the stair well, I'm sure I'll think of something later.

I love the look of wrought iron, and tada! here is one from hobby lobby, half off of course!
 At the very top of the stairs is my beautiful paintings that I made for my condo.
I really like them in my new house, it goes so much better!
Stay tuned for tomorrow where I show you what I did on my day off!!
thanks for stopping by!

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