Monday, May 2, 2011

Crown moulding magnetic board & rustic shelves

I had an adventure in town to day and picked up some sheet metal and wood glue at mac's hardware.
I already had the crown moulding and the mitre box so it was fairly inexpensive.
This is one of the easiest projects I've done, just cut four pieces at 45 degrees and glue it on! 
I'll hang it in my craft room eventually!

 I left it over night on some scrap paper so the glue wouldn't ruin my floor.

 I also made a really ugly box for my cd's to go on the bookcase.
it is so ugly I don't even want anyone to see the photos. its the thought that counts.
I even glued some mdf together to make a small box.
I have no idea for what but it would be a cute shelf.
 These are the other two rustic shelves, the ends are squared off so I just screwed them together, the left one is 12x12 and the right one is 24x6. I plan on hanging them in the upstairs bathroom because I have no decor up there.
 And finally here is an action shot of the key art and my spring bunting that got moved.
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