Friday, May 13, 2011

The sighting of bigfoot.

This is the story about Bigfoot, my cat. He is in a million photos and I've gotten asked questions so here you go, this should fulfill any questions you have. Including I am not the crazy cat lady.
I got bigfoot as a gift from a ex boyfriend. I think in 2002 or 03.
He is a siberian red tabby. polydatyl, meaning many digits, aka mitten kitten.
 When I lived at my parents he would follow me around their yard and help me work on cars.
 They had a fence but he would still follow me out to the front yard and just follow until I sat down and petted him.
 I think he likes the cold floor out in the back garage, he is a great conversationalist.
he is also big, in reference here is my aunt holding bigfoot.
 His name fits, here is the actual big foot in which I speak, that is my thumb in the shot next to his.
 this is a great photo of how bigfoot cuddles with me, my dad and my hubby also cuddle with him.
I think my dad is his favorite though, and I think its because he is retired.
 This chair has moved with me everywhere, just because it is his favorite!
 this is the other thumb.
 He is so laid back that he lets me dress him up. here he is a spider.
 This chicken hat was too small but I don't think he cared.
 as most cats he helps me read...
 and do hand embroidery, yes that is me sitting on the bottom of the photo....
 I think magazines are his favorite.
 One day my sister called me up and asked if I wanted a kitten, bigfoot needed a friend, I lived by myself in a condo and he needed more company so I said sure. this lil guy was born in an ally in a boat behind my sisters house. I think in 2008?
 He was soooooooo tiny!!!  he also had thumbs and thats why my sister nabbed him while she could.
 now for a name? It was chopper for awhile but my sister and I decided on GIR from invader zim, same personality and blazing green eyes. I also call him my gherkin pickle. He will answer to it, actually come running and ram your shins that you wish you wore shin gaurds.
 My dad made this cat house, it was perfect for the little one.
 he's the size of my foot~~
 I think my dad should have made this thing bigger for biggins.
 look carefully, there are two cats here...
 Gir was a huge lover, wanted all of your attention and loves to go on the computer, I guess as long as I'm using it, typical!
 Gir also loves to lay on my chest and knead my shoulders
 heck he just likes to lay on me, here he is a cute fur belt.
 both of gir's paws are symmetrical, unlike biggins who has more on the right than the left.
gir has two extra toes in his thumbs where as bigfoot has 4 and five extra.
 They are bffffffs now, it took some time but gir is the little kid and bigfoot is the grumpy old man.
 Gir loves to take a shower with me, he will sit outside the shower or in between the shower curtains.
such a good cat...
with cat brains.......
My mom left her sewing machine on the floor in our house and one day gir ate about 20 feet of thread off of the machine. You know when you pull only one side of your hood and it bunches up, yeah that was gir. it was spendy but worth it.

 His fur grew back but he still has a belly button.
 he would only sleep by me or on me, I even slept on an air mattress the first two nights.
to keep him from licking his wounds I made a sweater out of a cut off leg of thermal underwear.
 how cute is he? biggins is pouting in the next photo here!
 cat brains.. ugh.
 they love to cuddle.
 Gir is so cute!
 Bigfoot loves to be on the computer too.
 they both help me blog...

 and help me up and down the stairs.....
Thanks for checking out my cats!

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