Monday, May 23, 2011

DIY Solar lamps.

What do you do when everyone in your neighbor hood has the same solar path lights?
I have seen all the ones I want and then the ones I don't around here.
And my neighbors are the kind that would point out that I got the same lights as someone else, like I really care but I did want something else.  All the ones I found were just.... BLAH.
so whats a gal to do?
I was on dollar store crafts website and came across The hand me down house tutorial on jar lights.
so I gathered all the jars from my mom's house.
Okay so only the quart jars, I love big jars. I have no clue why.

and then I added the parts from these cheap ugly things.
I glued the posts on to the bottom, I'm not sure if I care that they are not straight.
If you do this make sure to use water resistant glue, that is really strong.
Especially where I am the wind reaches 85 mph. no joke!
I also just glued the lids on, they fit perfectly on the wide mouth jars!
 TA DA! the finished product.
 See I do have grass....
 You can't see but there is a water pipe access port thing in the middle of my lawn.
I'm sure they thought that out well.
I also changed the wreath holder on my front door, a bird made a tiny nest in it!
Should I leave it or remove it?
Any way you can see the neighbors lights across the street.
I'm so glad I have my own driveway, I hate sharing like that. 
but I can share a common wall with the neighbors staircase. 
I did manage to break off the plastic leg off of one light, the plastic actually broke, not the glue. 
Just my luck!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a cute idea! I love it!

  2. These are totally clever. Great idea.

  3. Great Idea!!! You could also so this if you have some and the glass breaks.

  4. How bout a picture at night to see how they work?
    Please. I love the idea.