Sunday, May 15, 2011

An extremely busy day!

Like most my sundays I planned on sleeping all day and then cleaning.
I guess I did sleep in until 8:30, am.
I've been working all day, on my own house even!
I started out yesterday by spray painting a free dresser I picked up at a garage sale!
This is what the poor thing looked like before:

Pretty huh?
 I also was given these two buckets from my friend, one before the blue after.
This was the tester for the color I wanted the dresser!
I took off the hardware and just painted it white, no sanding although I should have.
 I also picked up these frames and candle holders!
they also need paint.
no primer, no sanding.
 so here is the dresser after I sprayed it! It turned out better than I expected! 
 I'm not so sure if I like the white on the candle sticks or the frames....

 Here she is all put together, I learned later that I put the drawers on the wrong side but you get the point.

 Isn't she amazing now??? There are tons of blemishes from wear and tear but heck I don't have to distress it myself!
 There was contact paper in the drawers and it looked nasty but it didn't stink. My solution?
cover it, with wrapping paper from target, which I found out later that I didn't actually get charged for it, I called when I got home but they said not to worry about it!
so the total cost so far is $2 for the paint.

 I love the bunnies and butterflies, it reminds me of my grand mother and aunt.
it was clearance from easter but who cares? it's cute and cute doesn't need a reason!
 I also rearranged the family desks around so I could watch tv while sewing, instead of having my back to the tv.
 I went through everything and organized everything.

 All of my sewing accessories fit nicely into 2 egg cartons, I should have painted them first but meh.
 Here is the dresser as a side board in my dining room! 
the drawers are in correctly here and you can see my candle holders painted and kind of distressed with purple paint, 
I'm craving color today ( probably because I have to color my hair in the worst way, I know shame on me for having 1/2" regrowth, being a stylist!!)
 The burlap cover is just some fabric I cut, no fancy sewing!
 I'm really not sure if I like the way it's decorated, I'm sure it will change a few hundred times.
 My whole dining room!
 who knew it was an ugly dresser??
Maybe this is better??
 I moved the one candle holder to the mail station and pulled out my hand I had in a box under the stairs for all of the jewelry I ditch as soon as I get in the house.
 I threw some more clementine crates on the wall and put the other candle holder by the monitor.
Still not sure on what I want to do with the crates either.
 I managed to find one centerpiece and my bouquet from my wedding.
I figured on how much time I spent on them (all five minutes?) I should display them!
 I need something on top of the cabinets besides my bouquet and my mother's "time for cookies" cookie jar, the mouse sits on top but he's too tall. My parents got it as a wedding present in 1969 and I just LOVE the darn thing! I don't know why, there was never any cookies in it....
 I added some more frames to the ledges and also made new curtains!
 I bought a two pack of antique pillowcases and here is one!
for 50¢! I love the pattern!

 They aren't quite as long as I'd like but I love that it lets more light in while still keeping it more private!
I also added another photo to this ledge as well!
Besides all of that I:
 out the pantry
downstairs bathroom
living room
dining room
spray painted:
three of my hubbies vases (came with the room of furniture)
a mirror from a rummage sale
re- sprayed photo frames bright orange
one candy tin
metal label tag holders (like on a card catalog)
And I also made an oatmeal container headband holder. ( spray glue and tissue paper)
oh and stickers for marking my items for the rummage sale I will eventually have with my friends!
Its nice to have a clean home and almost everything taken care of, the only things I'm waiting on are the things I painted that need to dry!
I'll be out of town for a few days, I'm going to go re-finish a waterfall vanity and see my new nephew! 
I also need to come up with some gifts for him! 
They didn't find out the sex of the baby and I was ready for a girl since they already have a daughter!
Sorry for the long winded-ness!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You are so much fun. I love what you have done in a day and I am totally going to take my almost empty oatmeal box and make a headband holder. I have been "repurposing" things for many years but afraid to tell anyone. I buy twin sheets I like the color or design of on clearance and use them for all sorts of things, slips for my daughters, linings, curtains and yes, even a dress for my daughter's costume party. I brag how little something cost me, instead of bragging how much it cost. Isn't it much more fun that way? Thanks again for your blog, it was a lot of fun.

  2. I love the color on that dresser! Thanks for linking up to my party. I just featured your project! :)

  3. We currently use a upcycled dresser as our tv stand. I think dressers are definitely for more than just clothes!

    Would love for you to share over at Calling All Crafters!

  4. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one buying sheets just for the fabric! I learned that the elastic corners make great flowers!