Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shopping at my parents house.

I'm a 150% sure that my parent's house has enough crafting supplies to last me 100 years.
I spent the last two days crafting, I originally went there to pick up a waterfall vanity that my parents bought me at a rummage sale last year. 
We took redi strip after it and it made a complete mess!

it never turned white! OMG so my parents are still working on it.
I have more redi strip on my shoes than was on the vanity.
I also doug through the parent's attic and came out with 4 leather jackets ( for sewing) 
two packs of solar light..

 And a million jars!
 I also got some photo frames, I did spray paint them black.
 look at this gem!! Antique box and all!
I also did my mom's mothers day gift finally!
I decorated her shelf in the entry way, that had two pine trees and a snowman for the last three years.
It was time for something better! 
My mom collects birdhouses so it was perfect gift, I gave her two birds, the flowers and the pot the blue bird is in. mind you its in an awkward area to photo graph.
 Here is the whole entry way with the portrait of my grandma.
The brown things at the bottom are the entry door and a coat closet. 
Even on a ladder it was hard to do.
 This is the grand total of what I brought home from my parents house, with the exception of the shelves I made! 
My dad has a vast collection of scrap wood so I had fun making things with it.
He also has all the power tools!
 This is one of the shelves I made with the help of my mom, Just out of scraps.
It would have had more shelved but we ran out of that one kind of scrap wood.
 How perfect for more photos!!
I also made a ladder for the front porch.
Cute doesn't need a reason.
 My lonely front porch. I need planters or something.
I made the ladder just by drilling holes halfway through the board and pressed in the dowels.
no glue no nails, no one is going to climb it. ( I hope )
I bought the wreath at JoAnn Fabric
 I also wanted to show off the rug my sister got me for christmas! I laugh at it every time I see it!

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