Sunday, May 22, 2011

Floral and decor update

I've been going through the boxes I have in storage and I found all the fun things I've wanted to use!
Some of the things I already had but spray painted because I didn't like the color

 doesn't it look better now?
 random end table.
 My crazy cat lady collection.
I found all of the wedding vases!
here is the test tube vases!
 I used fake flowers. I will eventually have real flowers.

 In my collection I had beakers! I am a mad scientist I guess!

 Here is the third spray painted vase! along with rummage sale stars on top of the rummage sale shelf, that is very un-level!
TA DAAA! Here are all the new real flowers, from my parent's flower bed!

 They ended up everywhere! they remind me so much of my childhood, so much that there is a photo of my sister and myself to the left. who knew water balloons could be so much fun?
Thanks for stopping by~


  1. I absolutely love the test tube tulips!

  2. Love the test tube stand and the beakers! And the tulips aren't shabby either! :)

  3. You are a crack up. Love your color and go for it attitude. I smile when I see your post in the email. I was just thinking what I could stick the rest of my oatmeal in so I could make my headband holder. They are all over the place! Thanks for my first smile of the day.

  4. You are more than welcome! I have to say that I was very shy before I went to a paul mitchell hair school and I learned that life is way too short to care/worry/regret. You go for it, put your oatmeal in an upcycled canister!

  5. Love the test tube tulips! My BIL & SIL used test tubes and beakers as part of the decor at their 'candy' themed wedding, as a nod to my BIL's work as a chemist. At the 'cheesecake bar' the test tubes held sparkles and sprinkles while the beakers held liquid chocolate and caramel.

  6. What a genius Idea! I want to hold an ice cream social when my hubby gets back! Thank them for me! I'm not a chemist but I love science!