Friday, May 27, 2011

Take it easy.

My Doctor informed me on tuesday of this week that I should take it easy since I am trying to get over pneumonia. I have such a weakened immune system that it seems as if I'm always sick.
So what did I do? 
I went to town, bought 2  adirondak hairs and 2 matching ottomans On sale at Ace hardware.
 (wood, when they arrive I have to put them together)
I also went to Menards where I ran into my 2 favorite people.
One in custom kitchens (I did her nails)
and a gal in molding, that has helped me so much while living here!
I also found out that there is a bargain bin in the lumbar yard.....
so $10 bought me this:
 One metric cadillac full of scrap, warped and stained wood!
I'm so glad that I got the station wagon now.
 but I think my hubby will be getting a small truck in the near future!
Also I forsee a compound miter saw!
I hate hand sawing things.
on a random note I lost my phone.
How hard would you laugh if a caddy passed you on the highway with this sticking out the window?
I know I laughed most the way home!
But on the bright side I made a cute jar holder for my pens and such to keep them off the desks,
My hubby uses pencils at work so I thought it would be 
convienent for him just to grab one out of the jar!
I swear that it is level because I used the level on my phone....
 I see that I had my phone while I took this picture....
 For the love of the Lumber gods I am not going to show you how bad I am with a jig saw.
Thats why you can only see the shelf with the jars in there.
I did burst out laughing when I saw the wholes that were somewhat circular....
 While checking out of the lumber yard I got a call.
I had an interview yesterday for a big girl job.
I start tomorrow. I'll only be doing nails. Talk about dream job!
Don't get me wrong I have no problem with hair but my passion is nails!
So far I am not taking it easy, at all.
The only other project I have going is stripping the dog awful green paint off of this window frame mirror I picked up at a rummage sale for $2.
 The light green is the ready strip I slopped on and the dark green is the paint I needed to get off!

 The paint came off beautifully! I used one of those credit cards they sent you in the mail until I actually went to menards to buy a scraper.....
which I sliced off some of the wood.
OOPS. its ok it will be shabby chic now
See crafters don't mess up....
they change their mind.
roll with the punches and you'll never mess up!
 I had to reapply some more stripper so I'm sure I'll get back around to it later.
Thanks for stopping by!

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