Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DIY Air Fresheners.

 I love my house, I love spring, I love the cool spring air.
But the spring air here smells like a slew. 
Because I live two blocks from one and live across the street from new construction houses!
So the spring air smells like a sewer.
no problem right? 
Nothing a couple of air fresheners can't fix.
I love the Wall flowers from bath and body works.
But really? I don't have that kind of money.
Even Febreeze noticeables are ridiculous! 
 I picked up this set so I could get a free Item.
But really??? are you insane??? My house smells great until they go dry.
Being the Crafty person I am I grabbed my supplies.
 I gathered empty febreeze noticeables refill, hobby lobby candle oil, a reed diffuser (half off at the HOBLOB) a TINY funnel and some syringes, just in case! 
 For 50¢ I splurged at pier one for this cute tiny funnel!
ok so on to the fun part.
 the lil thingies here just pop right off. easy peasy
 ta da! both of the wicks out!
 The tiny funnel was perfect, I was afraid it was going to be too big and thats where the syringes came in, they were $3 at runnings. 
I warn you they look at you funny if you don't have makeup on, hair messy, have bags under your eyes, tattoos and piercings.....
Crafting purposes only people! You do have to be 18 FYI.
ok So once you have one side filled just snap the wick back on!
 I filled the one side with the reed diffuser oil. 
While I was at Bath & Body works I picked up one of their new scents. My free item.
 But really how many of these body sprays do you have hanging around? 
If you're like me you have a million.
But at $12 for a huge bottle thats a million refills.
I'm not good at math so you can figure it out unless my hubby reads this.
(which he actual does! HAZAAH!)
 So this one has sweet pea reed diffuser oil and the bbw spray.
 This is how much I actually used....
 A million might actually be pretty on.
 You only get .5 oz with this lil guy. for $3? maybe if it was 1/2 off. 
I had a 40% coupon but on my receipt I noticed I wasn't charged for it.
When I called they said not to worry about it. 
either I have the worst or best luck when checking out.
But any way one bottle only fills up one side. 
barely enough to do anything with...
 I'm not too worried about the whole mess thing because honestly this is the febreeze noticeables warmer after only using one refill. the only one!
 How gross is that???? for what I paid I was a little peeved.
But here you go! all three refills, well refilled!
I wish I would have labeled them or something because I have no clue besides the pink as to what is what. you can see the brown wick on the right one, guess what kind of mess that made?
 I'm so OCD about my air fresheners that I made a small box to hold it all!
( flat rate box cut into the magazine holder size.)
Here you can see all of my hoard!
Every plug in I can shove one in has one! and its super spendy! So I hope that I can inspire someone else to hijack their own plug ins!
A couple other thoughts, do this out side or where you can actually breathe!
I took 2 tylenol and I still have a headache. 
Also do it away from cat hair or it gets into the stupid refill and it really irks me!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Awesome, I just refilled a thinger I got from Bath n Body Works (was an arm and a leg!!) it was a paint to refill but I filler it with 1/8th of a bottle of stuff I got for .49c at Michaels, so worth it!!

  2. How did the body spray work as an air freshener?

  3. the body spray didn't work so hot, you have to refill it twice as much so I just went back to the reed diffuser refills! target had some on clearance!

  4. I've also hijacked my plug-ins and was feeling a little guilty about it, but not guilty enough to pay $6-8/mo on them. I'm glad to know that others are doing this too! And I totally hear you about the cat hair. I have a question regarding the wicks. I've just been reusing the original ones that I bought, but as you also noted, these get pretty gross after awhile. Have you found any ways to either clean the ones that you have or a cheap source for new ones? I've considered soaking the wicks to try and clean them, but I hoped that you might have already solved this.