Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Free Haul

Look at all the amazing trash I picked up today!
(MINUS the cat food!)
ALL of this was sitting out on the curbs by the dumpsters!

 This drawer is pretty new so I'm not sure why they threw it, the handle is quite loose though...
I plan on painting it a light color and making it into a shelf eventually!
The two shelves are crown molding style and 4 feet long each!!!
no scratches or anything! I just dusted them off and they are ready to hang!
Hello new bedroom decor!

This mirror was just hanging out in the trash pile on the curb!
No cracks or scratches, its really thick AND all the hard wear for hanging is still there!
Look its me with no make up! SCARY!!! jk.

 Here we have a cd book case or something, no shelves but that can be fixed!!

I scored this awesome jar from the trash, she bought it from hobby lobby, 
the price sticker was still on the bottom!!
Next to the jar was two paint brushes and a paint scraper!
 (for the record, when the zombie apocalypse happens I will be the resource manager!)

This is where my new shelf will be living...

The only thing that was missing was the shelves, all the hardware was there it just needed some TLC and wood glue.
LOTS of wood glue.
I'm pretty sure I have it upside down, the other end is pretty beat up and no one will notice unless I say anything, I'm not too worried! 

I went and cut some new shelves out of some particle board and some laminate wood flooring I had from my menards burn bin raid.
the shelves are 14"x6".
It didn't have the dowel rods for the center, but luckily I had bought some that were perfect,
99¢ at menards "I can use these to make a cube shelf of my own"
well I at least made a shelf out of them!
I used old rusted screws for the side supports, just turned once or twice where the dowels should go!
one FREE shelf for the garage!!
I can't wait to clean the rest of my garage! I need a ton more shelves!!
Here is the rest of what I have to deal with!

oh lord, please help me clean with out freaking out!

Thanks for stopping by!

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