Sunday, September 18, 2011

Purse organization set DIY

My husband has tons of old uniforms that he has trashed,ripped and just worn out and of course I can't just throw them away!! That is just wasteful!
I knew I wanted to make something for my ABU purse I was having made ( in trade for a pedicure).
So I started by cutting the important pieces off, such as badges, pockets and buttons....

I even saved the lil belt loops! 
Who knows maybe I will even use them!

I started out by making the coupon holder in my previous post and moved on to more purse organizers!
 The left is an all pocket purse organizer! The right is the coupon organizer 
And the bottom is my new wallet!

This is the inside of the coupon organizer!

And here is the pocket organizer.
You can never have too many pockets in a purse!
The two large ones formed the sides and bottom.
they are each from one pair of pants.

The inside of the large pocket

The smaller pockets that formed the ends were smaller and also from the same pair of pants.
 This one features an outside pen pocket!

I know my mother would kill me if she saw all of those "tails"!
When I was cutting the pockets out I didn't think to leave any fabric around them to attach them to something.....
Something to remember for next time!

Last but not least is my new wallet!
I still have some hand stitching to do but I was too excited to wait!
the smaller pockets are the same as the end ones on the organizer!

It opens up to 10 card slots on the inside
(hard to see but camo doesn't make it easier)

And the back features the pocket with the pen holder!

Perfect pocket size say... for the checkbook I NEVER use??
 when the wallet is open one flap is up and one is down so either way is right way up!

I also had an adventurous day at the supply house buying these new beauties!

Well thanks for stopping by!
And a special thanks to my 3 followers! you made my day!

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  1. Great upcycling! I love organising and I love sewing....this project is just perfect, thanks for posting x