Monday, September 26, 2011

Free haul!

I'm cheap and I know it so I'm always on the lookout for all things free!!
So when I came across an add for " free bottles for crafting"
All I had to do was pick them up!
This is my bottle haul, all I could fit in my car anyway!
I fit all the larger bottles in this huge box!

I also took all the bottles with the carriers and boxes for other crafts!

My mom even gave me a china hutch, here is the bottom...... top wouldn't fit in the car!
 The white plastic bag is photo frames from a curb and the black bag is free house paint from the dump!

I also found two pieces of plexi glass on the curb! brand new~

here are more of the beer bottles, I look like a soak but I don't actually drink!

my favorite curb side find was this shadow box that looks like a letter press tray!
Perfect for stamps once its painted! it looks brand new!

my mom gave me two trash cans as well, one for soda cans and one for my craft room!

My sister was kind enough to give me the glass marbles from her wedding!!
( she was married in 09??)
Thanks for stopping by!

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