Thursday, September 15, 2011

Coupon file diy

Everyone is all about saving money nowadays and I might as well get on the bandwagon.
My family has never really had a lot of money so if you wanted something you would have to:
A. Wait for it to go on sale. B. Make it yourself. C. Do without.
The first two were the most common.
In example I always wanted one of those Magic Bullet "the Personal, Versatile Countertop Magician."

Until I came across this pin:
From real simple.

I now enjoy at least one quart of smoothy every day!
I have also completely cut out soda!!

So when I saw these cute coupon organizers I HAD to have one.

But there wasn't really a fabric pattern I liked.
What kind of fabric do you use? Should I match my purse? Which currently is a leather fossil bag.....
I don't sew leather.
But luckily I ran into a gal on base that makes ABU purses. for $25!!!!! 
I luckily was giving her a pedicure when I learned this so we just traded services and I shall have my very own ABU bag. 
If you have read my blog you know that I tried to make my very own ABU purse.
OK so I did make it and I love it! but my ipad doesn't fit in it!
You can never have too many purses right?????
So I visited my neighbor hood thrift store and picked up a pair of pants.
They are the smallest pair of pants I have ever seen!!!
10" waist. are you joking???
But they were free so who cares?
So I cut it up and used a box type pattern and stitched one right up.
I can't even say how because it was one of those 
"I have no idea what I'm doing but I will make it up as I go along"
so here is the photos!

Nothing fancy. but now what to use for tabs?

This is another AHA! moments.
Do you have a bad habit of collecting buisness cards?

 do you have a tab punch?

 Then you have tabs!!
 Fold in half and you are ready to go!

With a little help from my alphabet stamps..

I'm very good at misspelling as well..

Thank goodness gir was there to help me!

 It is also helpful to bend the tab in half to know where to stamp.

So here is the whole tab section. I used old file folders and cut them to 3.5"x 5"

Here is the old organizer I was using. 
Its a monster!
its an accordion file from the dollar store!
 I used sprayed adhesive and some scrap fabric.

I used the avery tabs but the file was falling apart.

And here is the after!

Thanks for stopping by!
Now go save!
or just go shopping!

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  1. How clever! I stopped by your blog to see your wonderful coupon organizer & this is exactly what I've been longing to have for all my coupons. I've tried the binder & is too much extra steps & bulky when using in the store. Thank you so much.