Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4x4 post sign

In the last few months I have been looking into some family name signs for the front of the house
But because I live on a military base our name is on the house anyway so it seems quite redundant!
Ahhh, who cares? I wanted to make something with my name on it.
I grabbed one of my 4x4 posts (that I snatched from menards burn bin)
and a semi decent pallet board and got to work!

I drew a guide hole for the drilling....

I also hacked the end off of the board.

After drilling, chiseling, sanding, and one cup of starbucks.
I was frustrated so it did get tipped over....
or thrown... or something.....

 After I wiggled the board into the hole and hammered it in....
after all of that I got to do the fun stuff!
I spent a good ten minutes playing with the fonts and different sizes.
meh who cares?
I was lucky enough to have our roomie move his stuff out via Mayflower.
Bless that poor movers forgetful mind! He forgot all of the inventory sheets!
With three different carbon fiber sheets per inventory sheet!!!!
HOMG there is such a thing as luck!
So I transferred the letters pencil style, you can see that the paper moved... oops.

The letters aren't quite straight but who looks that close?!?!?

How darling is this? 
I just filled in the letters with a permanent marker!

Easy peasy!
now I just need to make seasonal hanging signs and I'm done
oh and yeah maybe dig a hole and prop it up!
thanks for stopping by!

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