Monday, September 19, 2011

jersey knit bracelets.

I'm obsessed,
really obsessed with jersey knit.
now more than ever with all the t-shirt yarn I have been making I'm surprised I haven't made more with it!
But these are the bracelets I have made:

 Aren't they fun??
I found the tutorial here,

I have to keep myself busy today because my lil baby kitty is getting de-clawed today!

 He's such a charmer it's hard to not have him around in my face, sitting on my shoulder or 'helping' me on the computer! The vet tech even loved him, he is so sweet I can't wait to have him back.
I know that not everyone believes in declawing cats but we only do it in the front and because his 'thumb' claws would end up hurting him more if we left him.
He also is slashing us like a b rated horror movie, it looks like I got in a fight with barbed wire.
not cool.
ok stop staring at his bi colored eyes and go make something!!

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