Sunday, September 25, 2011

Don't be afraid of the junk yard.

While driving through town my husband and roomie and myself came across a recycling center!
Alright it was more of a junk yard than anything but what's in a name??
I was originally searching for a door and some old pane glass windows, if you pin you understand why!
After about 3 seconds I realized I LOVED this place we came upon.
this is what we brought home for $55 (YES FIFTY FIVE DOLLARS!!)
Check out the neat stuff I found!!
This basket had a ton of valves in it, perfect for hooks! There was 2 cast iron casserole dishes, 
3 spoons, 1 corn bread cast iron pan, 1 large end wrench
 ((which after sand blasting you can clearly see some markings that reads 'williams favorite' My name is Williamina so its quite darling that I found it covered in mud and rusted!)
there is one strainer spoon, one flipper and 6 40mm grenade shells!

we also unearthed two mail sorters from the actual post office!
( the post office got flooded out)
how perfect for my matte stacks, photos and scrap paper???

This is the long skinny one!

Here is one big rusty saw my hubby found! he also found the cowbell.....
 because we all need more cowbell!

here is the handle of the saw, 
originally it would have two sides on this handle so one person could operate it!

And here is my favorite find!!!
a Chicago fire extinguisher!!!!

HOW AMAZING IS THIS>!?!?!?!??!?!>!<!KJE)#*%

the next day I even came across these lovely windows on the curb!!
of course they were just waiting for me!!
So I did get my windows after all!

 The only other thing I need to tell you is always be ready!
I made myself a little kit for the back of my car because flip flops is not a good idea for the junk yard!
Also I live in the Arctic so I need to be ready for winter!!
my kit includes, my work boots, two pairs of work gloves, 1 pair of manly insulated gloves, 1 vomit bag, once ice scraper, jumper cables, cd's, extra sunglasses, a mag light ( both weapon and light), and last but not least, TP.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love finding that there is another person in this crazy almost desolate area who loves awesome finds like this to be "treasure". I love your mail sorter find! How awesome is that?!