Friday, September 9, 2011

DIY Car accessory gift collection

My husband has been driving my car since we sold his.
I would not have a problem with that except for the fact that I'm very type A.
OCD clean type, every thing just so kind of crazy!
 When I looked and saw trash all over the car, not just paper trash but wrappers and soda bottles etc.
I flipped! I cleaned out the car and got the gum off of my floor mat on the drivers side!
I absolutely HATE gum the texture, the smell, when people chew it and most of all ON things.
And my hubby must have had some on his right shoe....
ok that really just peeves me!
I spent a good hour getting the gum off of my mat.
Yes I could have bought a new one but caddy floor mats are spendy!
I don't have $45 for one mat. I guess I could but nail polish is more important.
so in a complete way I cleaned my car, top to bottom, shampooed, scrubbed, wiped and polished.
(soda does not belong IN the cup holder, it's a sticky mess)
I also unloaded all of the trash and misc crap.
My husband has thee most useless crap in the car.
Do you need two pairs of shooting glasses?
a foam rubber grenade?
3 Ipod radio transmitters?
3 ice scrapers? (its still technically summer)
and two sets of jumper cables?

So lets lay down the clean law!
All trash must go in the garbage, I didn't have one so I made one!

Its a simple bucket design with cotton and clear vinyl.
I had the cup cake fabric about three years and finally decided to use it.
The time for the cup cakes has come!
Also this was my first time using clear vinyl. 
not as scary as I thought but also its a trash can, who cares?

There is clear vinyl on the inside but its obviously hard to see.

I also didn't use a ruler to cut the fabric so it is wonky!
This is the vinyl I bought to make sandwich baggies, that I guess you can't use......

But how do you hang a trash can in the car?
I wanted it to go behind the passenger seat but the head rests are a pain to get off so whats a girl to do?
thats right, I used a clip curtain thingie. That is its technical name BTW.

And of course Bumble HAD to help.....
( in kitten voice "seems to be secure ma'am")

"better test out the ring for durability"

"inside looks good too ma'am"

I still had some cup cake fabric left over so I made a lanyard!
I decided I needed one when my friend threw her keys in the HUGE dumpster instead of the trash and I got it out with a telescoping pole with the brush on the end for car washing.
Thank goodness she had a lanyard on it or she would have been very stinky........
 I upcycled this clip from our room mates back pack he cut off.
they were just for looks anyway and I needed some.....
 Sometimes you don't want to have this big set of keys with a huge lanyard so it detaches! 

I know my sewing isn't the best and yes, my mother was right about the matching thread, it does look better when it matches!

But you get the general concept right? 

The key rings went on this side really well!

The one thing I didn't cover was the paper mess in the car.
so check out this cute little pouch!

Perfect for all those manly receipts I find in my car!!

 As soon as I get my hands on some velcro I'll probably attach it to the inside or the arm rest!

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  1. Great to be organised, and I love the pretty cupcake fabric. Visiting from Sew Many Ways

  2. I love the fabric you chose and all the things you made using it! I always try to have a grocery bag in my car for garbage but I like your idea much better! Thanks for posting!!

    Please feel free to link up your adorable cupcakes car accessories to my Make Yourself Monday Blog Hop! I'd love to have you!! :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes