Thursday, September 8, 2011

Please help me I'm falling...... (free Shelf with pop tabs)

In love with YoooOOOOOOOuuUUUuuuuuuu!
And with this new shelf I made!
I've got some pallet boards left from my pumpkin making and I needed a shelf.
 I also didn't have any shelf brackets....
 Yes I was cheap and used pop tabs! 
I'm not planning on hanging anything heavy from the shelves, 
maybe some framed art etc but my bowling ball collection will not be housed there!

I took my collection of screws from my dad and my drill bit set and got to working!

I started by drilling pilot holes for the screws, they were all different size screws so I at least wanted to make the drilling a tiny bit easier!

 After the pilot holes the rest was easy!
I just screwed the pop tabs on!

 It's not the prettiest thing in the world but really its a really cheap shelf, I didn't even sand the warped boards......
they are extremely warped fyi.

 This is my entry way before....

And after!

You can clearly see the pop tabs if you look but really?????
cover it up!

Remember how I said the boards are warped?
Yeah.... sooo, after spending 20 minutes with 3 different levels this is actually LEVEL.
It is so twisted that you kind of have to prop things on there or use poster putty!

I laughed so hard I was crying by the time I got to this point.
and I don't laugh quietly. AT ALL
I'm sure someone thought I was dying.
Lessons learned today,
when making a shelf use a straight board. Also buy shelf hangers.
You get what you pay for.
I'm easily entertained.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. "A" for effort. "A" for creativity. "A+++" for having a sense of humor!

    Not every invention is a success the first go-round, but you'd never know
    if you don't try, right?!!!!