Thursday, September 1, 2011

Autumn decor

It's that time of year again to roll out the pumpkins and everything you own that is orange and black.
Buying the halloween candy isn't so bad either!
I've already hit up hobby lobby and picked up the floral and candle holders. 
here is the decor I made. As soon as I got home I made all of it!
How often does that happen???once!
Here is my free trash to treasure side board!
Cat tails and picks in the test tube vase.
I just added some candle holders and a pumpkin.
(excuse the photos I was playing around with the features.)

 My crown molding shelf just got the rest of the cat tails I didn't use and two small candle holders.
I'm keeping it simple, I don't like the 'let me pile everything I bought on this shelf' look.
 The dining room table got a new centerpiece. 
one bush of flowers + one foam block + basket =Centerpiece.
I just throw all the flowers in a pile and pick them up and stick them in the foam,
It really is that easy!
 A closer look at the arrangement. I had to add some roses from my stash to fill in some of the holes.
One bush is not enough I guess!
 The candle holders I also bought today.
I bought a huge collection of candle making supplies at a rummage sale here ($50!!)
She included about 200 already made candles and tarts so I figured I would use up the ones with the wicks! Autumn harvest was my choice for the scent!

 I wasn't really planning on decorating the living room all too much so here is the new candle stuff on the tv shelf. I also plan on making some wood halloween decor when it gets closer.
 I know I should have dusted and turned the tv off but really it isn't all that fancy anyway!
My crooked mantle got re arranged, yeah I really should have fixed it, yeah yeah......
but I just moved my beakers and candles here and a few of the dried flowers from my husbands last bouquet he bought me. I can't seem to throw the flowers away! I know that I will use them somehow!
 Thanks for stopping by and I know that I will have more decor up in October!

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