Saturday, April 18, 2015

Custom flag case

My husband has been out of the Air Force for about three years.

As a veteran he has no interest in advertising this fact.

I on the other hand thoroughly enjoy showcasing his accomplishments.
He received a flag while he was deployed and I thought it would be special to put into a flag case.
Hobby lobby has a few different sizes of flag cases, I didn't have a clue as to what size, but this one had the lower panel for ribbons, coins and patches.

I just gathered all the misc stuff I had stashed in a box when I came across it.
I did have to find the different coins that were laying around.
He gets one at least once a year from his new employer.

The backs are easily removed by swivel arm things,

 The black velvet was pretty filthy, so I lint rolled it and laid out all of the items.

Keeping in mind there is a photo frame that goes in the center, 

I glued all the pieces down with black silicone adhesive.
The pins and badges had their backs removed with wire cutters and a metal file.
Let dry overnight and put it all back together!

Now to find a good military photo of my husband.
Also I need him to help me fold the flag and put it in there.
But at least we found the flag now, after moving!

You can see it here under the left oval mirror!

Thanks for stopping by!

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