Thursday, April 9, 2015

It's all in your head.

Do you ever go on Webmd and search your symptoms and either it turns up to be Lupus, Cancer or a Brain tumor?

 For the last 28 years I thought I was crazy because none of my symptoms made sense, okay so I've always been sick so how ever many of those years I was able to recognize the fact my health sucked.

So rewind to last october when my shrink found a tumor on my brain scan from 7 years ago that my primary failed to mention! Yes I see a shrink because I was told by almost every doctor it was all in my head, coincidently enough they were kind of right.

I was then sent to another relaxing MRI scan, where sure as heck there it was a mass on my pituitary gland. For those of you not into neurology and brain stuff, it's the gland that controls hormones etc. It is part of the endocrine system with the thyroid and pancreas and some other organs.

After many trips to Mayo I was told not to worry too much about it, a 4mm mass doesn't really affect much. So here we are in April and I'm losing vision in my left eye and I constantly feel tired.

After meeting with my shrink again we discussed the diagnosis of Cycling cushings disease (when the tumor grows and shrinks, it causes different problems). They also labeled my stow away a 'Rathke's Cleft Cyst' (I feel bad for the guy it's named after, this condition sucks).

I'm meeting with a neurologist in May once I have weaned off of the medication Mayo gave me to keep the size of my cyst down, when in fact it magnified the symptoms.

I have been on medical leave from work for far too long and I'm anxious to get back, but thanks to my stow away, I shake as if I have parkinsons disease and can't be active for more than an hour before I pass out. Yes, I fall over and blackout.
 It's the scariest thing I have ever experienced in my life.
I can't wait for the neurologist to say "time to remove it" and I can get on with my life.

I know this isn't really craft related but heck it all comes from the same brain, I just hope the tumor removal doesn't affect my craftiness, or I'll have to get different knuckle tattoos.

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